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    I like the fact the IP Correction lets me put my URL rather then IP this is useful :) well done there, or and that's a good option ?players will help, will update this from the beta later on, server is in use at the moment well do man.

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    Some reason discord is a user, I am not sure if this is your mod or not but I don't remember seeing it before.

    I have so far been able to edit the carried items to 200 from 20 on most items I still have a few to change.
    CopperOre is under Mod/AutoGen/itemname.cs

    I not been able to get this to listen in my stock piles but any box what accepts all items it works fine, but this might just be because I already had my stockpies places.

    I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I have Tailor but it's still saying it's still required, is this just they way you added that or is it a bug or have
    I got it confused what I need?

    Does the flag give you anything part from your logo?

    Yes that is how I got it to save this time around and I using it without any problems so far :) only think I want now is a screen shot option in game lol I know mostly wont happen I say this for all discord plugins in games lol and the option to be able to admin via discord to game but even if it stays like this it's epic

    I didn't know how to restrict so yes that is very helpful, I need to see why permissions have stopped working on mine it's lost the tab for it but I sure I missed a line out or deleted it lol.

    My problem I been having is the modelling but you know that already :)

    Idea for your mod, maybe change the colour of the wood for the different types?

    yep ik about that problem and to be honest right now I have no clue on how to fix it - still waiting for my dev tier access to games source code to be granted and I hope to figure it out on why it's happening once I inspect other blocks made in Unity (also posting this problem in the ECO discord did not yield any helpful answers or tip :S)

    I have emailed them a few times about mine still waiting lol, do your chests let you add dirt? mine do but mine as you have seen have no UI as I am unable to use unity I am stupid lol

    I am playing with it at the moment like level for it to be made and items it needs to be made with.

    I think I have to reinstall yours as it's not showing up in my game, I only just seen, I do that now.

    Must of been missing a file its working fine now

    I have copied the best and got my chest to work, I used the default chest, but it shows the objectcode name rather then it's title what I can see why
    but I want to it to show the image/model of the chest

    So how would I link the already created model to it?

    Yep I will update and I will report back if it happens again

    The demo seems to work I added the guild and channel and now chat from discord seems to work but it dose not send messages back maybe if you detected the @Discord user in game and if that's been seen it will send the message back without /discordmessage, as that dose work, but in the chat we can click the discord channel user @Discord and it will change the chat reply so if we can detect the @Discord rather then just/discordmessage

    Just a idea

    Give the tphere it's own limit so you can invite a person to tp to you only set amount of times, a user whom has been invited shouldn't be charged for that, also maybe adding a /back potion to return where you was before the tphere, and have this one just charge callaries as it would only work to return to the place before the tphere?