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    Rexzooly updated [plain]EcoConnect[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain] (Launcher Mode) slg version[/plain]


    This is a major update, this is not just a editor anymore, this tool will now create the file and delete it to be able to new options, it will launch the none steam version, since steam passes the player details I can't launch this version yet.

    • New UI, based on in game menu windows and buttons.
    • Launcher mode [Launch in new game or continue mode].
    • Update and add new private listing servers without ever needing...

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    I also stream the EcoConnect dev at times [MEDIA=twitch]badkaipanda[/MEDIA], please feel free to drop in when I am streaing.

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    If anyone as been watching on Twitch tonight you will now see we have a private server list working, you can add/edit/delete your server lists and soon before my stream ends, add as default. we no longer have the run game mod option or anything under the new UI but this will be all set up soon :)

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    Please still support if you can 7.1.2 :) I am not moving to the new updates yet there still two buggy and not worth pushing a update just yet until they stop fixing little things, there is still another update to come yet for the 7.2.x so I am not stressing myself or our users out for small bugs that brake the game in smaller places

    Here is a maybe view/idea this is a private list of servers you support and want to connect to, you manually add them but this is a good thing, why
    do we need a online list for servers we want to join to :)

    Don't look at the icons at the top, there my test icons :)

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    First look of a maybe look on a new UI template

    When you update the inputs it will change the subtitle to show the full url/ip+port to make it look a little nicer

    This is only a idea view at the moment it, the dialog and view options are not themed.


    I've been working on balancing all house values. Soon we will have a balanced industrial building.

    This is one thing I do like about eco been able to set our servers how we want in these kinds of things but I removing the need for pipes at the moment until they fix it up, and any item I set to be a outdoor item will no longer have house values :P

    Here I will post working objects better placed this does mean some are .cs file editing at times.

    This one is the Oil Refinery, removed the need for pipes and added a fuel as well as power needs, I know a fuel system, can also provide power but I added this just like a car, some things that use systems what are not manual fuelled, it was also a way to help my server remove the buggy pipe system.


    In my view removing the room for this object was better I never seen something like this indoors and I have no idea why eco dev's made it that way

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    Same as before but without housing stats

    "No Housing Stats"

    Pipes have been playing up on our server so rather then messing with pipes we have now added power as well as fuel to our items

    I need to remove the Pipes Tab call but there is no pipe needed for any pipe item anymore.

    "My Code(fixed Pipe Tab)"

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    I found this view kind of cool

    I am unable to get my head around Unity myself at the moment my chest is just a XYZ box lol I would love to see anyone who has the time and knows how to create things in unity and eco please record a few videos on how to get it to work lol

    Can I use this to replace polluted dirt into fresh green grass blocks?
    I made the mistake of using tailings as a filler under my house, which clearly wasn't ideal.


    Yes you can have this to fix the grass but I not sure how the game makes the pollution so it might die again but you know best idea is test it :) even when making a mod the dev can't test everything.