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    Kye updated [plain]Elixr Mods[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]Patch v1.5.2[/plain]

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    I'm glad we have made progress!
    Sometimes a reinstall and a full cache clear on the pc can help, the error file you provided stated missing DLL files and write access errors,

    i recommended the .NET Framework install because when some games request it be installed and ask you if you want it installed it only installs a set package that game needs,

    the game reinstall was to refresh the write access and hopefully remove that error it was getting,

    Let me know how you progress with the game in the future :)

    okay i want you to try something for me,

    Uninstall Eco,
    Shut Down your computer (not restart)
    Turn your computer on after 30 seconds
    Reinstall Eco, if you haven't try installing .NET Framework 3.5 which can be found here:…ework/net35-sp1
    and .NET Framework 4.5(for good measure) :
    (Restart as per required)
    Try running eco again,
    Just let the game sit on the title screen for a minute then start your world back up

    see if that helps you at all

    Hi there! just after a bit of info,

    Is the server Crashing or just the game or both?

    If the server is crashing head on over to pathtoserverlocation/Dump Sort by date modified and have a look at the files there (or upload)
    Server possible locations: 1. Steam (steamapps/common/Eco Server) 2. Client on Steam(steamapps/common/Eco/Eco_Data/Server) 3. Download from slg site ( where you installed/unzipped from)

    If its the client crashing check the following files:
    In your client folder look for "Eco.gc.log" this is your gpu log, this will give you gpu errors,
    In your client folder navigate to the logs folder and have a look at these logs

    Last place to look is here:
    type %appdata% in your windows search bar then navigate to the following
    \AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games\Eco\Crashes

    this should have any other logs you need to help finish diagnosing the problem!

    If you have the game on steam be sure if you have any issues with the game to always validate your files
    but also report any bugs and or issues you may find on their github here:
    you can also use that github to find other issues similar to what you may have and see what possible fix's where found

    let me know what you find :)

    wow.. uh... that would be an interesting challenge haha,, its absolutely do-able

    here is a rundown on the features it would have:
    Pedestal - Used for performing marriages
    Lawyer Skill - Needed for performing marriages, divorces - each level would earn the lawyer more income per divorce/marriage and also have better splits ie: 20/20 - 30/30 - 40/40 - 50/50 | 4 total levels for this skill ( all excess would goto the government )
    possible talents:
    - Money Money: make more money per marriage/divorce
    - For the kids: 25% of all money is sent to the government ( money from fees of service)

    Marriage would create another bank account for the two parties and be set as their default account, it would transfer all their money into a single account, transfers to own accounts from this account would be disabled. Both parties would be automatically auth'd on each others properties (if not already) and in celebration of marriage each party would get 5 claim flags.

    Divorce costs would be paid at the lawyers table to the lawyer that owns it, divorce costs would be calculated by the currency value ( eg how much in circulation vs other currencies in circulation (not player based currency or "Credits) )

    On divorce each party would keep their own property and be removed auth from them by default (can re-auth at own discretion) Money in the joint account would be split into the lawyers skill based amount ie: level 4 both parties would get 50% of the remaining amount after paying the lawyer.

    hmm.. any other ideas?
    Please note. this is not me saying im going to make this a mod, chances are though it could happen lol

    You should be able to submit fixes and new features as pull requests at any time. About everything else one would have to talk then ?‍♂️

    yeah i get that, i have sent mampf a private message just waiting on a response, however the changes i made remove the asphalt dependency so i don't think uploading the change to github would be viable haaha..

    haha that is true, yes the parent must always be a world object, even if you want to group up your objects for better organisation the parent will still need to be a worldobject even if its not an object itself,

    as for the sprite, the size of the sprite still matters, so try setting the image to around 32px x 32px and see what effects it has for you

    i had someone have an issue with the pack on 8.3.3 as well their fix was they reinstalled my modpack

    i know why this is!

    if you are using the vanilla auto doors, they are over written in my mod and there are vanilla file edits, to fix this either use or reinstall the modpack :)

    hi there, can i ask, do you have any other mods installed?

    Hello again. My colleagues have already contacted you about localization. From myself, I would like to add initiatives in the graphic design of the mod. All the necessary skills for this are present. I tried to disassemble the models myself, but unity 3d is not my specialty. Nothing worked out for me. But I would really like to help in the design of objects for the game. Especially with icons. Now they stand out from the general plan. This spoils the look of the game. Could we discuss the details? Here is my Discord: letmeplay#8568

    tnx for mod. Realy cool

    oooh fantastic!! ill message you on discord :)

    Is it possible to adjust all the 'blocks' to be able to be placed in your inventory rather then your hands? I know how to reduce the weight and increase their stack size, but i'm not sure how to flag them as 'items' to fit in your backpack rather then your hand.

    this can only be done by using the admin command /creative but this also gives you all skills at max level

    Kye hat eine neue Datei hinzugefügt:

    February 10, 2020 at 5:51 AM

    Hi Kye. Thanks for the modpack. Great job. Is it possible to access the icons of objects for their processing? We would like to create our own icon design. Is it possible?

    hi there! which icons in particular did you have in mind for change?

    im not that great at graphical design so if you would like to contribute to the pack with more updated and better looking icons i would be more then happy to implement them globally:)

    i agree,

    there is a system out there where bigger objects(like the logs and stone) get dropped out as single items and don't auto merge with like kinds,
    but the smaller objects (like seeds, foods,) would auto merge into its own stack preventing a mass amount of small objects on the ground, even if their dropped item was like a little hewn bag or something