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    You can only do gradient by colouring the letters individually. For example the is as below here on the forum.


    You can use a web site (have a Google, there are loads out there) to generate it as bb code like above, then use a text editors search and replace function to swap out [ ] for <> then paste it in to the game or servers network config file to get something like I have on my server.

    So after a little playing around in game I've put together a list of codes for changing up the signage a bit. :geek: No mods Required!
    These are based on html/bb code.

    <b>Bold</b>Bold Text
    <i>Italic</i>Italic Text
    <u>Underlined</u>Underlined Text
    <s>Strike through</s>Strike Through Text
    <sub>Subscript</sub>Small lower text
    <sup>Superscript</sup>Small upper text
    <br>Creates a new line, lots of them will push the text off the board to make floating text.
    <size=10>Font Size</size>Text will automatically scales if not used
    <align=left>Alignment</align>Can Use: "left", "center"(standard),"right"
    And of cause Colours!
    <color=red>Colours</color>Only some basic colour words work.
    <color=#fff>3 Digit Hex</color>3 digit Hex, 1 for each RGB level
    <color=#ffffff>6 Digit Hex</color>6 digit Hex, 2 for each RGB level
    <color=#ffffff00>Hex + Opacity</color>6 digit Hex, 2 for each RGB level & 2 numbers for opacity (00=invisible 99=solid)

    Use a site like to get the hex number.

    These below DO NOT work.

    <table>, <th , <tr>, <td>Tables are accepted but do not work
    <glow>,<bg>,<background>,<img>, <stroke>,<h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<url>,<link>,<href>,<div>,<li>,<span><xoffset><yoffset><zoffset>These have all been tested and sadly do not work.

    Here is an example of the floating text and its code. Its sits at head height and the small sign is under 1 block of dirt, under the chest. Take note of the amount of "<br>" that are required to push it up.

    <size=20><color=#ff0000>P</color><color=#ff2a00>u</color><color=#ff5500>b</color><color=#ff7f00>l</color><color=#ffbf00>i</color><color=#ffff00>c</color> <color=#55ff00>c</color><color=#00ff00>h</color><color=#00ff55>e</color><color=#00ffaa>s</color><color=#00ffff>t</color><color=#0080ff>!</color>

    The closing </b> are not required unless you want to change from one state to another.

    All text within the <> should be lowercase only.

    Once the 2nd bracket/carrot ">" is typed the code part will disappear but it is there and can be clicked on as if it was still there.
    This can make it very hard to navigate your text in-game so I recommend you type it out in Notepad and Copy/Paste in to your Sign, Cart or in-game chat.

    That's it for now, if i find some more I'll add, or if any of you discover other codes let me know and I'll add them to the list.

    And here's a rainbow text example and the standard sing for comparison.

    "for Server Admins"

    This will also work for server names, I'm sure you may have already seen some colourful ones.;)


    I'd be more than happy to take the server off your hands ;)

    Why i would like this? well.....
    Currently I'm renting a server, a server that has had a whopping Zero people on it ... oh and that's not just the current player base, that EVER!

    I should probably explain why that is though, right? yeah OK..... So the people I'm renting from... I'm not gonna name and shame them but lets just call them Bob from the ServerCompany. Anyway Bob had no luck getting it up and running, Bob gave it over to the "senior" engineer Dave. But Dave cant figure it out either, I'm sure Dave then asked other colleagues and gave it ha healthy dose of googling, but he still could not get it going. So like many IT professionals he handed off the ticket to some mug to struggle withwhile its time limit expires, so back to Bob it goes.
    nd did you know its against businesses like ServerCompanys terms of use to give some random person on the internet enough control to resolve the issues themselvs. That is unless they are paying a premium for self managed VPS... I guess they say that because all that control could cause the end of the world. We are not talking much, just FTP and a terminal access connection with a basic account Permissions... But alas I digress.

    So poor old Bob has been having no luck what so ever. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a head sized dent in the wall by his desk from constant bashing. However, so far Bob has managed to get my server listed "Yay:D!" Poor Bob was so happy to tell me that he had it working because he could now see the web page with the world info. That happiness was short lived, because when i checked myself it turned out hes now got it running one of the obscure Beta Staging version that has no matching client version available. Well Done Bob!....but........
    Meanwhile ServerCompany went ahead and charged me another month of rent, for a server, that not a soul can play on.

    Now I'm off to go tell poor old Bob That he failed, again, i hope he takes it well...... Or ..... You can give me the server I can tell Bob not to worry, all is good in the world.

    Help me save Bob.

    TL : DR
    Current Host cant even get it running. & Bob tried so hard.

    Now i have some Questions:
    How long do we get the free server for?

    Can we run 2 instances of Eco on it?
    And thirdly to the other contestants, in the interest of building a good larger community, Would anyone else want to Join me in being an admin to ensure the constant and smooth operation of the server?