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    Name: Eco Paradise

    Cycle: 1

    Location: US (South - Dallas), Welcome to Canada and UK players

    Languages: Any - English preferred

    Mods: Animal Husbandry, Big Shovel, Crushed Coal (Tweaked - Steel recipe accepts Coal in 'Coal Tag'), Cutting Edge Cooking Expanded, EM Storage, EM Flags, New Hair, Nid-Toolbox (Character Module), Mechanical Steam Engine, Steam Front Loader, Whetstone, World Edit

    Owner: Doctor.Knockers

    Staff: Doctor.Knockers, Ribeye, hotpocketlover

    Whitelist: None (Bans may be enacted upon certain players if deemed necessary)

    Current Day: Server start planned for may 28 10:00 am CST

    Difficulty: 2x Specialty Cost Multiplier (2x base settings for new star unlocks), 10x Specialty Experience Per Level (10x base settings for specialty level up experience cost), .5x Craft Time, .75x Item Weight, 2.5x Stack Size, 2x Connection Range

    World Size: 1.5 km²

    World Objective: All the laws and currency for the server will be established at the server's start (The laws are already pre conceived and everything is ready to go). The government is established using a method that ensures fairness across specialties and facilitates community growth. I would like to create an integrated server with a focus on economy and community team work. Likewise, we hope everyone contributes to the creation of an aesthetically alluring town once we have the resources available. I am hoping to find dedicated and invested players who are willing to commit at least a couple hours every day to every other day in order to ensure a thriving economy is built and maintained. The plans for the server currently are to host democratic votes in the discord to reset once the meteor has been destroyed, ensuring the majority of residents are ready and willing to start a new world.