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    1a. For an educational game about the environment theres a very important aspect missing.. water supply. This game , especially educationally could benefit from having a system similar to food where cleaner water gives bonuses and you work from drinking it straight , to boiling it, digging wells, building pumps , and eventually a very important topic , desalination. Also devices that pull the moisture out of the air would be awesome as well, but desalination plants is where its at.

    1b. In addition the subject of water pollution and exhaustion could be shown by allowing lakes to run out of water or dry up if too much is used. Create systems for irrigation, water supplies for housing and industry and water for cooling nuclear reactors to create s large demand for water that must be balance and managed against supply and pollution. The water pumps could also be helpful with rising sea levels or pumping water out of under sea structures :)

    2. Nuclear Power is a must if we're talking about the climate. Wind and solar are just infantile if we're talking about real power being generated thats going to save a climate. Educationally you can teach everyone through the game how safe new LFTR generators are. Add liquid flouride thorium reactors as a means to generate huge amounts of clean energy. No sane amount of solar panels will generate enough energy to power energy beams that can piece our atmosphere and blow up an astroid. Also a fusion reactor would be great as well to educate on the new advances we're making in the field with magnetically contained plasma. Also where are geothermal and hydroelectric dams. Those should be in game, add steam vents or some other terrain/ system that generates heat for players to use geothermal power plants as clean alternatives.