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    I think it's just too many blocks. I tried copying, schematic-ing another house without any chests and it did the same.
    Both of the houses had a cellar and because the roof is a little further out than the house itself I had to copy lots of dirt blocks aswell so the cellars would be part of the schematics too. Did you set a limit on how many blocks/how much information can be copied?
    Information such as items in a chest, block count or sign contents.(?)

    Thanks for all the awesome work, @mampf!
    I too had a problem with the copy paste / schematics function. When I copied my building from one map, saved it as a schematic, loaded the schematic on another map and pasted it, it only pasted one wall and a few other things, about 3 blocks wide. I copied chests and doors aswell.
    Is there a problem with those? The chests even had the correct contents so I thought those wouldn't be the ones causing the problem.

    Hai. I'd like to see a simple "creative" mode. As many might know it from minecraft.
    It doesn't need to have fancy GUI or anything. Just a simple way to be able to use all blocks and professions without having to use commands for everything. (like "/give", "/fly" or "/allskills")