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    City Worker Election

    Kolvin has started an election to determine who should occupy the office of 'City Worker'. It is currently occupied by nobody. The election was finished.Election complete, winner is Krozzy.

    Property City Worker

    Election Process Basic Election

    Eligible Candidates Active

    Required Of Candidates None

    Max Occupants 3

    Successor None

    Who Can Remove From Office President

    Term Limit Days 7

    Total Terms Allowed 10

    Consecutive Terms Allowed 10

    Can Elections Be Proposed During Term True

    Can Set Global Markers False

    Can Set Global Objective False

    Can Set Treasury Taxes False

    Can Use Treasury Bank Account False

    Has Government Banking Privileges False

    Required Of Office Holders None

    Backup Owner Everyone

    Wages None.

    Wages Source Bank Account None

    Ended 27 mins ago

    13 Votes Total.

    This election is conducted with Instant Runoff Voting. This means that if a citizen's first choice candidate doesn't have enough votes to win, their vote goes instead to their second choice candidate, then third choice, and so on. This table shows each round of removal and how many votes each candidate has. For more info, see Instant Runoff Voting

    This election is conducted using the rules of Basic Election.

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    Votes Per Round

    Candidates Round 3 Round 2 Round 1

    Krozzy 8 8 8

    TaylorRenee 5 4 4

    SammyGaming227 X 1 1

    Lawn Chair X X 0

    Total 13 13 13


    2 TaylorRenee: TaylorRenee, JakeTheMan32

    5 Krozzy: Aresfun, squiddy, MAugustoRZ, judochop7784, Jobobio

    1 Krozzy, TaylorRenee: cakersss

    1 SammyGaming227, TaylorRenee, Krozzy: SammyGaming227

    1 TaylorRenee, Krozzy, SammyGaming227, Lawn Chair: Kolvin

    1 Krozzy, TaylorRenee, SammyGaming227, Lawn Chair: Krozzy

    1 TaylorRenee, Krozzy, Lawn Chair, SammyGaming227: MysticScribe

    1 Krozzy, SammyGaming227, TaylorRenee, Lawn Chair: PurpleferretKing

    In game the election completed and picked the winners as Krozzy, Lawn Chair, and SammyGaming227.

    We have been trying to process this in everyway possible and we just don't understand how the game did not pick the winners as Krozzy, TaylorRenee, and SammyGaming227.