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    Folks, our server has run into an issue. Even after a restart, the normal terrestrial animals aren't spawning. Granted, I did see a bison for a split second when I logged in, but it vanished, and so far the only animals I can seem to find are snapping turtles, alligators, otters and fish. Nothing is extinct according to the charts.

    Is anyone familiar with this as a bug or have a suggestion for a fix?

    Absolutely not! Casual players are welcome, just so long as you can log in frequently enough to keep your claims from becoming abandaned (that's about half an hour a week.) We are open to all sorts of professions as mentioned above, and will be happy to show you the ropes and help you get started. Even if you ultimately don't decide to stay with us, this could be the perfect place to get your bearings, as ours are a helpful bunch.

    I almost forgot our Discord:

    And the IP, to join directly:

    Greetings, fellow Econians!

    I am posting once again to invite all takers to Eco: Ecology and Economy.

    What are we about?

    Our server started as break-away of like-minded players to escape admin spawn-ins and overbearing rules to create a home for people who want to play the game with a little extra incentive. Since then, we have become an extremely tight-knit but small group of friends willing to help eachother and all newcomers in building something worth taking pride in. We are all about spreading technological advancements and wealth around, and ensuring everyone has something to do, and is welcome to give their input. If you ever find yourself on our server without direction, just ask! We are than happy to help you progress and invite you to build a world of wonders from the ground up.

    Where are we?

    Don't be put off by"Day 18." The fact of the matter is, very little of the world has been claimed, and with only about 7 active layers, progress has been slow. Moreover, we need more dedicated craftsmen to help us build out and create something truly impressive, and are willing to go out of our way to help people get started. Don't be afraid to settle down and build your dream home, commit to a super project or two, and make suggestions. Players are what make a server great; admin are just there to support them.

    Who do we want?

    Anyone who wants to be a dedicated member of a close-knit community, and new player looking to learn the game with a helping hand. In particular, we can always use more builders of all stripes-- masons, smelters, and carpenters- to contribute to our many projects, for a tidy sum of course. Aside from that a dedicated farmer/gatherer and cook would be awesome, and in a position to make a lot of money selling to the established base. Be advised, hybird specializations will benefit you on this server. Since the gov't buys raw goods and building mats at a premium, there is a lot of money to be made by people who specialize all over the board.

    Currently, we are doing two $25 steam giveaways for active players at the end of the month, and have plans to do another next month. Our goal is to build a thriving community with lots of regulars.

    Don't be tempted by that day 2 server with 5 RAM that might not last. We are here for the long haul, and treat our players like guests and friends. Join us, and be part of our Eco family.

    Hey there, Econians!

    I'm posting here to invite all takers to Eco: Ecology and Economy.

    Our server was founded by a few like-minded fellows with a similar vision:

    From our point of view, Eco isn't just about ecology-- it's about economy, creating a market with different niches, and a community that thrives on growth and trade! To this end, we have created a server to reflect this. Our goal is to create a community based on the lifeblood of trade, with minimal admin heavy-handedness, and maximum market incentives while still maintaining a stable, long term server. The use of admin commands and spawn-ins has been limited to the bare necessity to establish the foundations of government and an economy that every can participate in. Although we are still in the early stages, the server is ready and welcoming new players!

    How does it work?

    Admin and the community will focus on developing their trades and creating several "Requisition Depots." These are places that anyone can buy and sell unprocessed goods (stone, logs, grain, raw animals, etc.), for the same rate, giving incentive for even less specialized players to drop off their excess goods for a quick gain, and allowing crafters to pick up cheap goods to then be processed and sold. We have built a "Provisional Capitol" (tiny bank and capitol building) to facilitate this, and will be starting work on the depots soon. As time goes on and demand increases, more depots will be added. We will also be rolling out shop and residence plots for players who want to make their homes/livelihoods close to this early market center, along with road claims and a contract board for future projects. Rather than cheating everything in, we intend to let players build the server, and compensate them accordingly. Please note that the funds for this will come from a treasury, and not the admin's personal accounts.

    A Quick FAQ:

    - We are a long term server, with 6 months paid in advance

    -We run on dedicated hardware, with 15 GB Ram!

    - We are medium collab, with plans for contracts to allow players to shape the world around them and make a profit doing it!

    - We are Newb friendly, and happy to introduce new players to Eco

    - There is no meteor

    - We have set basic laws in place to allow players certain freedoms and incentives for keeping the game world stable. While we are open to suggestions, these are not to be outright challenged. If you're not sure what that means, just ask.

    - Admin are here to maintain and coordinate the server, not to rule with an iron fist. While we do have the final say, we will always try to keep and open ear and hear you

    ***$$$ - To help drum up interest, all active players at the end of March will be entered in two raffles for $25 Steam credit! $$$***

    Our Discord: