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    - Make it possible to define an input and output stockpile for production. Alternative: Define input filters for stockpiles
    - A search function for items would be nice
    - Endgame: Conveyor belts to connect stockpiles/machines which are out of range

    You can already do that by having the output stockpile be the first one in the stockpile order and the input stockpile where you put stuff in the second in the order. A search function is part of 9.0 afaik. Conveyor Belts are part of thoughts for automation we have, but automation itself is not necessarily planned before end of EA.

    The current system is very confusing and nobody on my server was able to define simple laws like no harvesting trees in a certain area. The tool looks very mighty, but is not easy to use. Maybe you should use better terms and some examples.

    This should change with the reworked system in 9.0. It still will work similar to a scripting language and that is totally intended.

    - With the iron shovel you should be able to carry more than 1 dirt/clay/... You can carry 20 dirt at once when you take it out of the stockpile, but while harvesting you can only carry one. Digging for clay takes too much time compared to mining.
    - It takes also too much time to dig one block deep for building streets with the current system.

    This is intended. We do have some better area of effect tools in 9.0, though. The speed of the animation could indeed go a bit faster, i noted that.

    The current format is a bit confusing. Standard format is X,Y,Z and not X,Z,Y. The Z coordinate should also be 0 at sealevel. This would be more intuitive.

    This is intended and - at least for me - not unintuitive. It's the global coordinate standard in IT. We don't plan to change this.

    It would be helpful to be able to build floors, roofs, walls, streets by choosing the size. E.g. 10x10, 5x3

    The better tools in 9.0 allow to build several blocks at once in different shapes.

    I would add the option for a transportation lore for midgame. This would require something like a road element with rails.

    Thinking about that.

    - Building in a 45 degree angle looks weird. Maybe you could add some elements to smooth the block pattern

    Nothing planned for that atm. Technically it's recommended to not build such angles simply due to how claiming works. I know that's dull for some, so maybe we'll come up with something in the future.

    - We miss something like a horse drawn carriage for mid game

    Is an option for when animal husbandry comes to the game.

    - On low populated servers some more automatation would be nice. Maybe a horse drawn carriage could travel along a predefined path (only on roads) and transport goods from A to B

    Automation is something we might introduce near the end of EA. For now we have the opposite goal and making the game more focused on actual work by the players, cutting back a bit in the automation we already have.

    - No one on my server liked the idea that the game officially is over after 30 days. You put so many hours in building and grinding. We know it is possible to continue to play after the 30 days. But maybe it would be a good idea to add more longterm endgame goals. I'm sure there will be servers running for years without any reset. There should be more than the current main goal to shoot down the asteroid in 30 days.

    Eco, just like minecraft, has no definitive goal. There is no "officially over", it just depends on your players and creativity. Of course we're aware there is not much to do for most players without creative ambitions, but that's normal in Early Access.

    Yes, but the linux version is not officially advertised or supported. It may contain bugs different from the Windows version that are not fixed in the time you might expect. It does NOT support singleplayer. It also doesn't work on Catalina currently. If you buy Eco, you buy the Windows version, linux version is provided as-is with no warranty given.

    Hey, we have something in common.
    I refuse to deem discourse with it's "infinite scrolling" a forum at all. ;)

    In my opinion WBB would fit all these requirements, you can take a look at it here:
    The resources of Woltlab have one disadvantage, their default listing method is not a list:

    What i do like about their filebase is that older versions can easily be downloaded (i can't see that here) and that changelogs are directly connected with the version. I dislike the styling and that there is no functionality available to post just general "Updates", but the styling could be changed and we could surely find a solution for the general updates. (Though mostly updates here are used as changelogs, which it does support)

    In general those two systems are VERY similar. I'm not sure who stole what from whom and when (;)), but the change wouldn't be very big. It offers a cool framework we can use to interconnect this page with our other pages, though. But Looh told me that they actually switched from WBB to XenForo for the resource database. So i'd like to hear as many opinions as possible on what modders want and need.

    Thanks, i'll take a look.

    But as i said, it'll be a while until any decision on that is made. I'll make sure to test with mod databases.
    Feel free to tell me what exactly you like about XenForo resource base, so i know what is important for you guys.

    Just feel free to post any feedback. I want to try to get the best possible compromise between requirements we have for this being an official site and what you people need and want.

    That might be true, but the main aspect of this page in the future will be the use as official forums, so that's what will influence the decision most. Uploading Mods and keeping the modding aspect is definately a big goal too, but we likely won't be able to offer the service of checking all uploaded files in-depth anymore. Still better than the site vanishing.

    There is only WBB as contestor at this moment anyway, as vB isn't something i'd use nowaday anymore. IPB i still like, but lacks some features i want and NodeBB was the worst software i ever used myself. (And 150 spam registrations a day would probably approve)

    WBB offers a feature i really want - multilingual content. It offers the ability to only have a single board in which users can write in all languages and depending on the users settings he sees posts with the respective language. I really like that and prefer it over several categories for each language. Any idea if something like that is available for XenForo? (This site must go multilingual, at least german + english as those two are our main communities. I'd also like to add russian and other common languages, as long as we find people that can moderate those.)

    Hello there, fellow Eco Citizens,
    as announced back in December last year, SLG has taken over the project "" from @Looh and @mampf and this site is now under control of SLG.
    At the same time our official forums ( now also redirects here. Both sites will now be merge over the coming weeks. Users of the old official forums do not have an account here and need to register a new one for now. If the old content will be merged, your accounts will only be merged if you use the same e-mail-address.

    (Read more here:…1089/#post-3555)

    I'll start with setting up a new board structure tomorrow, so until then, just post where you like and it seems to fit best. Over the coming weeks more stuff will be changed and adapted as required to have this forum serve as our official forums. We are also still investigating if this forum software suits our needs best or if a migration to a different one would be benefical to us in any way. It'll take me some time to get to know the current XenForo and make a sound decision.

    In the time being, feel free to write down any feedback you have, what features you miss / want to see in this forums or anything else that comes to your mind.

    I'll keep you updated as we go further.

    Hey everyone,
    Looh has already mentioned a lot of stuff, so i only want to add a bit on what will happen after the forums have changed owners.

    For a while, everything will just stay as it is now. Over the course of the time, we'll restructure the forums structure a bit to make the forums a more general ECO forums, while retaining all the modding forums you are having now. The resources database for mods will stay as is and can be used in the future, too. The only thing we're not sure about is if we can actually provide the service of code checking and approval of new mods like the current owners do.

    The forums will get a Single-Sign-On with our accounts database so Eco Players can just easily log into the forums, having the account created for them, linking it with a respective user group and displaying their Eco Tier. Existing users will be given the option to link their accounts with their SLG accounts, but won't be forced to do so.

    As a little goodie everyone that published a mod on this page (and has a account in good standing) until the ownership change will get access to the dev-tier benefits in regards of special forums access and github access. (If they don't already have it) I'm still checking if we can also upgrade your Eco accounts to dev tier.

    We're still investigating if and how we'll take the content of our old NodeBB forums that were meant to be removed without replacement until i heard of Looh into these forums. At the same time we're investigating if we stay with XenForo or change forums software to something that fits the new uses (especially in regards to multi-language) better, while retaining the features modders are used to on this page. I'll have more information on that as soon as i've been able to actually dive into it after January 1.

    Big thanks to Looh and Mampf for creating this community and speaking to me to keep it alive. I'll try to also make sure devs will be around in these forums to answer your questions and probably get the modding aspect of the game a bit higher on priority, though i can't promise this will work out as i hope it to do.

    The change of ownership leads to transferring of these forums to a server in the United States, with United States Law applying to the website in the future. We're taking protection of your data seriously and are respecting your free will in regards to if you want to come over with us. If you don't, as Looh has already mentioned, you can delete your account until the day of the move and no personal data will be transfered.

    Looh and Mampf will stay members here and ever be known, labelled and respected as founders of this community site.


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