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    Dear Eco-Maniacs,

    as you've clearly noticed, we've migrated the forums over to a different software. (Better late than never?)
    This is not yet done, as a lot of stuff still needs to be configured over the coming days, but everything should be fully usable already.
    It might take some time until you get used to the new looks and how stuff works, but there should not be any major changes in your known workflows.

    For Modders:

    Aside from the design of the listing, everything should be pretty much the same for you.
    We still need to get the labels back in and we also need to manually transfer your release notes as those did work a bit differently in XenForo and couldn't be migrated directly.
    In the future you simply upload a new version to your mod, add your release notes and that's it. It will still post an update in your support thread as you're used to.

    There is one little problem related to the new multilanguage feature - i've decided to not make filebase entries multilingual, as that would require you to upload the mod in as many languages as we offer with the same duplicate file,

    the support threads are therefore always created in english - which leads to users that only have "German" activated as their language not being able to see those threads. I'll be looking for a solution for this.

    A change that we'll have is that the user group "Trusted Devs" will be retired. In the future all "Mod Developers" will be able to upload files without approval, as we're not able to do a manual sighting of all mods as the Founders could.

    The requirements for getting into this group are not set yet, but probably it'll be an automated promotion after uploading a few files.

    If you have any issues getting your Mods uploaded or any other problems or improvements you'd like to see, please feel free to leave feedback.

    I know a lot of people liked the styling of the XenForo resource database, but after several months of comparing we found WBB far superior in most of the tasks it needs to fulfill here.

    If you want to help with copying your release notes of the versions to this page, you can do that. You can find the old forums via until migration is finished. It will be deleted after that.

    For Users:

    You shouldn't have any problems, everything works like it did before, just looking a bit different.

    The only major change is that this website is now multilingual and content aside from mods is available in english and german (more languages depending on demand).
    By default you create your content in the language you have selected for this website. By default, you also can only see content in the language you selected. If you wish to see content in several languages, you can set this in your profile.

    Doing so will also allow you to choose in which language you want to create a specific content.

    When the migration is finished, we'll look into if we can also get our old official forums merged into here and after that, we'll look into providing registration and login both via Steam and via SLG Account.
    Starting October 1 you will also be able to get your Developer Tier access displayed here. That will work by using the group "Supporter" that everyone with Four-Pack, Developer Tier or Wolf Whisperer gets and gives access to the respective channel.
    All three tiers will also get an award added to their user account that is different depending on tier to show which tier you are exactly.

    Registration is planned to be reenabled over the course of the next week.

    Some passwords couldn't be migrated over and the same is true for people that registered via OAuth from a third-party service. Those will get a wrong password notice, if you get that, just request a new password. If that doesn't help, please contact me via [email protected].



    As you might noticed, registrations are now closed.
    I'll be going to clean up a bit and remove all the spam users, banned users and users with invalid or spamcatch mails from the site, before migrating to WBB.

    A total of 2040 users has been deleted, consisting of:
    52 rejected users (Mostly spammers)
    490 banned isers (Mostly spammers)
    1184 users without e-mail confirmation (Mostly spammers, but also a few from site errors, sorry for those!)
    10 users with trashmails
    304 users with spam in their profile
    ~100 more users that registered with spam intent, manually deleted

    I could clean more stuff, but the rest is not any serious.

    In your account at there is a section invites where it shows your current invites. There you also have a insert-box where you can enter an email to send an invite to. The invited person will get a link and can create an account that has Eco as well.

    Jumping does not increase movement speed, it only helps to avoid penalty of plant areas that you are meant to clean.
    Is it mostly the jungle you are referring to?

    We can generally not recommend playing via a Laptop.
    Your CPU is quite weak and the GPU is not even listed. RAM is fine.
    You could try it on Steam for an hour and refund in case it doesn't work for you.

    Can you also remove the ability to eat seeds. Since it does absolutely nothing for you, make it impossible to eat them. This will prevent you from accidentally eating them (Which happened when a friend accidentally ate the 5 huckleberries seeds now we are still trying to get 5 again to get the cooking book) And with that being said, I think seed drop chance should be doubled minimum when harvesting anything.

    That should be in Update 9.0.

    On the skill selection, "Slightly increase speed in low activity area" "Slightly increase speed in high activity area" Why not explain what kind of activity? Players, other Animals, production? More description would be better.

    Any activity of players: Walking, Crafting, Driving, Mining. That's exactly whats written there.

    On specialties display, add option for "Hide maxed specialties" so i can have all progressing ones still displayed?

    Good idea, i'll redirect that to the developers.

    I think growing conditions might be broken. I have had many areas of plants that I harvest randomly turn grey when I revisit. I assume since the plant spawned in that area it would have adequate soil conditions and water etc but they die off. Gets very frustrating.

    Farming is due for a larger rework in a later major patch, hence we're not touching that at the moment.

    Wheelbarrel holds stack of 10 dirt, stockpile only holds 5. Could you change stockpile to 10 or even 20 to be like stone and logs etc.

    As with tailings that is intended for game balance purposes.