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    My name is Dennis, i'm from Germany and bought Eco the day it was released on Steam (but on the Website). I've been hosting servers for my clan only, one of them - nowadays called White Tiger - became very popular in 2018 and later that year i was hired to work for SLG as Community Manager :)

    Before playing Eco (and still) i had a private minecraft server with a custom modpack for my other communities where we tried to make Minecraft pretty much into what Eco is as game - so that's how i accidentally found Eco.


    There is one little problem related to the new multilanguage feature - i've decided to not make filebase entries multilingual, as that would require you to upload the mod in as many languages as we offer with the same duplicate file,

    the support threads are therefore always created in english - which leads to users that only have "German" activated as their language not being able to see those threads. I'll be looking for a solution for this.

    ^ This will be fixed by multilingual descriptions for files without requiring several uploads with the next update.

    A change that we'll have is that the user group "Trusted Devs" will be retired. In the future all "Mod Developers" will be able to upload files without approval, as we're not able to do a manual sighting of all mods as the Founders could.

    The requirements for getting into this group are not set yet, but probably it'll be an automated promotion after uploading a few files.

    ^ This will be an autopromotion after three uploaded filed and at least one received review. Files uploaded by users not in this group need to be reviewed and activated manually.

    We don't have a rank for that on here yet, if you are referring to the "Mod Developer" rank (that's not dev tier), that is given manually after you released and supported a few mods.

    Indeed, i need to request you to no longer use any decompiled code and refrain from decompiling our intellectual property in the future - we do offer access to the code for Dev-Tier owners.
    As we already give you an option to get the source code (and do support established modders with it for free on several occasions as well), it would be great if our rights were respected.

    I know that some countries allow decompiling by law so it's not necessarily a crime (mine for example), but while it's not a crime, it's still a violation of our ToS.
    We won't take any further action this time, but in case there is evidence you didn't cease this behaviour, your Eco Account can be terminated.

    You simply use SteamCMD on a linux server and it will download it, you also will need to install dotnet to start the server.

    Alternatively you can get a docker image:…ames/eco-game-server/tags

    Linux Server will not be available before final release, though, it's not part of the testing versions.

    We don't have a documentation for Linux, it's the first release of a supported linux software so it'll be quite a while until there will be a documentation.