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Using ECO in school - Looking for interview partners


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Hello everyone,
I am looking for pupils and students aged 10 to 19 who would potentially be interested in giving a short and anonymous interview (audio only, 10 - 20 minutes) about their experience with ECO. The interview will be used (in written form) for the project "DiSpielGeo" by the University of Cologne in Germany. You can find a link to our official website down below. We are looking for both English and German participants.

What is the research about?
The first step was to find games that deal with contemporary geographic challenges including climate change, migration, city development and sustainable resource use. Now we are looking for players of these games who can tell us about their personal experience with gameplay aspects and also their perception of how these topics are represented. The main goal is to design an instructional manual on how to use games for geography lessons in school, and also on how to design new games that convey geographic knowledge.

How to contact us
If this sounds interesting to you at all, feel free to leave a message here. You can also contact me on Steam - I will link my profile down below. As for the interview itself, we can use Discord or Skype, unless you have a different suggestion or preference.

Rikku (Steam Name) - Student Assistant at the University of Cologne
Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bcd123456

Our official website:
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