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So u could have same currency? Same authorizations?
What do you think it could bring to the game? How would that enrich the gameplay?


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wow.. uh... that would be an interesting challenge haha,, its absolutely do-able

here is a rundown on the features it would have:
Pedestal - Used for performing marriages
Lawyer Skill - Needed for performing marriages, divorces - each level would earn the lawyer more income per divorce/marriage and also have better splits ie: 20/20 - 30/30 - 40/40 - 50/50 | 4 total levels for this skill ( all excess would goto the government )
possible talents:
- Money Money: make more money per marriage/divorce
- For the kids: 25% of all money is sent to the government ( money from fees of service)

Marriage would create another bank account for the two parties and be set as their default account, it would transfer all their money into a single account, transfers to own accounts from this account would be disabled. Both parties would be automatically auth'd on each others properties (if not already) and in celebration of marriage each party would get 5 claim flags.

Divorce costs would be paid at the lawyers table to the lawyer that owns it, divorce costs would be calculated by the currency value ( eg how much in circulation vs other currencies in circulation (not player based currency or "Credits) )

On divorce each party would keep their own property and be removed auth from them by default (can re-auth at own discretion) Money in the joint account would be split into the lawyers skill based amount ie: level 4 both parties would get 50% of the remaining amount after paying the lawyer.

hmm.. any other ideas?
Please note. this is not me saying im going to make this a mod, chances are though it could happen lol
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