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Is there a Game-modding guide?

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Hi, I really want to try my hand at modding. I kinda want to add all the modern day European Micro-states to Medieval: Total War II... Just for a laugh :) All hail the mighty and powerful Kingdom of... Liechtenstein!!!
So is there a good Interweb guide to help me on my way to modding? If so then can someone please give me a link.


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Hello @azeemali452325 , Modding in this game is done with C# and Unity. Unity is a free game development software that you can download. Unity has its own API and references here: Unity 3d Scripting Reference. Now if your wanting to mod Eco you need to download the 2018.3.9f1 or earlier version because Unity 3d removed some of the required networking scripts in the 2019 version. Also you will need to get the Eco Mod Kit off of GitHub to start. There is a Eco Mod Kit User Guide which explains the basics to help you get started but If you have any questions or get stuck ill try to help the best i can.
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