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Information about adding a Mod to the Resources

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Getting your mods for Eco listed on the Resources-Page is very simple and doesn't require a lot of time.
In this little guide i'll walk you through the process of adding a new mod to Eco Mods.


  1. Adding a mod
  2. Benefits of using Eco Mods
  3. Mod Rules
  4. Approving Mods

Adding a mod

When you've clicked on "Resources" in the navigation you'll see a list of mods that have been published on Eco Mods.
We currently seperate the resources in three categories; Server Mods, Webapp Mods and Tools.

Once you've clicked on the yellow "Add resource" button you'll choose the category your mod belongs too.
You'll be then greeted with a new page where you need to fill out some forms.
  • Title - The name/title of your mod.
  • Version - The version number of your mod.
  • Tag line - A "one-line" description of your mod.
After filling out these three forms you can then decide to if you want to:
  • Upload and host your mod on Eco Mods
  • OR
  • Provide your own download link (own website, dropbox ect.)
You can then link to the source code and mention other contributors if you want to.
You'll then have to choose the Eco versions your mod is compatible with. (Use CTRL+LClick for multiple options).
Now you can get a bit more creative while creating your main description of your mod.
Optionally you can add some tags and enter an additional URL for more informations about your mod.

Now that you've filled out the forms you can go ahead and click on the green "Save" button and your mod will be published on Eco Mods.
Once your mod has been published you'll receive a special forum badge to let everybody know that you've released a mod on our website.


Benefits of using Eco Mods

Mod Developers can...
  • ...easily and quickly add new mods
  • ...update their mods with ease
  • ...receive direct feedback and ratings in the discussions
  • ...support users in the discussions
  • ...keep track of their mod version history
Mod Users can...
  • ...leave a rating on mods they've downloaded
  • ...easily view changelogss in the updates tab
  • ...ask directly for help in the mod discussion
  • ...watch a mod to receive email notifications when a mod gets updated

Mod Rules

  • Publishing mods that include malware, viruses or other malicious stuff is not allowed and will result in getting the mod and the files removed and your account will be permanently suspended.
  • Publishing someone else's mod without the permission is not allowed.

Approving Mods

In Order to keep our users safe from downloading malicious mods and software we decided to manually test and approve every resource as well as any updates made to them instead of listing them publicly without any form of verification to ensure that the resource is clean and harmless. With that said, we're trying to keep the downloads safe for our community, but we can't guarantee it.

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to approve your resource or update.


Thanks for reading through this, hope it was helpful.
If you got any questions regarding this topic, feel free to post a reply.
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