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Eco Mods - Rules & Guidelines

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Forum Rules
  1. Avoid double posting - Posting two or more messages in a row will be considered spam. Use the "Edit" function if you want to add something to your posts. Two or more consecutive posts within 12 hours will be merged into the first one automatically.
  2. Don't spam - Posts with just a smiley or content that isn't related to the topic will result in a warning because of spam.
  3. No ads and ref links - Do not use Eco Mods as an advertising platform for anything and/or share any referral links on our forums.
  4. No Hacks/Exploits - Linking to any content that is related to hacking in Eco or exploiting any bugs will result in a ban.
  5. No Multi-Accounts - Every person is allowed to only create one (1) account. Creating multiple accounts will result in a punishment.
  6. English only

Community Guidelines
  1. Respect each other - General disrespect, insults, hate speech, racist/sexual content and instigating drama will not be tolerated. Everyone is equal on Eco Mods, so please treat each other with respect.
  2. No NSFW and NSFL - Posting such content will end in a ban without warnings.
If you ever feel offended by any posts or messages by other members don't hesitate to report them or contacting a staff member.
We will help you out as fast as possible.

  1. Warning - You'll receive a warning, and with it 1 warning point for breaking a rule. It's nothing to be worried about unless you keep breaking rules and gaining 3 active warning points. Your account will then be disabled for 7 days.
  2. Temporary Ban - Will be automatically given out once you've gotten 3 active warning points, or if your behaviour is that bad, that we think it's the best to disable your account for a specific period of time.
  3. Permanent Ban - Manually given out by the staff for extreme rule breaking. You won't be able to view the forums anymore.
We try to enforce the warning point system as well as we can, but once your behaviour becomes so bad that normal warnings won't change anything we have to choose other options (temporary or permanent ban) to keep the forums clean and calm.

These Rules & Guidelines can change at any time without notice.

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