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DadSpeed Season 2 | Economic Simulator | 100+ day long term creations!


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Come join us in DadSpeed!
Server located in US - East Coast
No Whitelist, 4km world, no meteor Long term play, 100+ days Economic Simulator, best in Eco!

Description: We strive to have the best economy of all Eco servers worldwide! In this server you will find a strong economy and helpful players, ideal for experienced players and new ones alike. Bring an axe, chop some wood, and earn some DadNuggets, it's that easy to join the economy! We have super-skill restrictions, preventing uber-powerful monopolies, and subsidise the hard working miner and logger. The Government sells land claim papers to enable you to create the very best that you can. Drop in and create, with DadSpeed!

Discord: https://discord.gg/vRvep8Y
EcoServer: https://ecoservers.io/server/4456/
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