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  • Here I will post working objects better placed this does mean some are .cs file editing at times.

    This one is the Oil Refinery, removed the need for pipes and added a fuel as well as power needs, I know a fuel system, can also provide power but I added this just like a car, some things that use systems what are not manual fuelled, it was also a way to help my server remove the buggy pipe system.


    In my view removing the room for this object was better I never seen something like this indoors and I have no idea why eco dev's made it that way

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    Same as before but without housing stats

    "No Housing Stats"

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  • Update:

    I've been working on balancing all house values. Soon we will have a balanced industrial building.

    This is one thing I do like about eco been able to set our servers how we want in these kinds of things but I removing the need for pipes at the moment until they fix it up, and any item I set to be a outdoor item will no longer have house values :P

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