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  • Rexzooly submitted a new resource:

    [plain]EcoConnect[/plain] - [plain]Add your server to Continue play without ever playing it or adding it via the server list[/plain]


    This is the Alpha version of my new Eco Launcher coming soon, this little tool at the moment will take your url + web portal port and create the continue option in the Eco menu, without ever needing to of played that server before or adding as part of your fav list in the server list.

    This version as a basic help section, it has domain to IP converter, it also has a web portal viewer to check that you have it it right.

    Want to send someone the string of the just right click the...

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  • I am going to be working on a more Launcher UI for this in the coming future, I don't have as I forgot to back it up before moving over to the update, I live streamed this and got lost in the stream and started to make the Launcher version what is able to load the game soon as it's make the changers, I don't know how steam loads the game and since steam uses custom launcher icons I don't know how to launcher the game via steam, so the lanucher at this time wont be able to support steam.

    It will still work with steam to create files but part from that it wouldn't launch the game, as launching a steam version of the game outside of steam would still open the slg version of the login, there for meaning the player wouldn't be able to login.

  • Here is a maybe view/idea this is a private list of servers you support and want to connect to, you manually add them but this is a good thing, why
    do we need a online list for servers we want to join to :)

    Don't look at the icons at the top, there my test icons :)

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  • I also stream the EcoConnect dev at times [MEDIA=twitch]badkaipanda[/MEDIA], please feel free to drop in when I am streaing.

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    If anyone as been watching on Twitch tonight you will now see we have a private server list working, you can add/edit/delete your server lists and soon before my stream ends, add as default. we no longer have the run game mod option or anything under the new UI but this will be all set up soon :)

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  • Rexzooly updated [plain]EcoConnect[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain] (Launcher Mode) slg version[/plain]


    This is a major update, this is not just a editor anymore, this tool will now create the file and delete it to be able to new options, it will launch the none steam version, since steam passes the player details I can't launch this version yet.

    • New UI, based on in game menu windows and buttons.
    • Launcher mode [Launch in new game or continue mode].
    • Update and add new private listing servers without ever needing...

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  • Rexzooly updated [plain]EcoConnect[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain] (Launcher Mode) Both Steam and SLG[/plain]

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  • To the lovely people that have been downloading this tool, 22 people can't be bad, but I need some feedback, I had a little feedback from a few streamers and discord users, but I like your guys feedback also.

    I am going to redo the code base of the app in the next few days and fix one bug left that I know of so this opens it up for more things to be added or changed even all the way to the UI, as I not happy with the UI

    This is time for you to have your say before the next update release, I hoping the next version will be a good release so I can work on it's little sister EcoServ, a much more complex tool but one I think I should be able to do :) (no ETA on EcoServ, not even tested if my ideals will translate in to a working model yet)

  • If you have avast and have the strange cyber option that opens the app and pre-scans it, it might brake the tool, since it's meant to be a sand box but it is not, still lets the tools create files, what can damage the tool as it wont have time to create everything you need, so I am going to add a first time delay in to stop Avast from attacking the tool.

    I over looked this as I have it disabled in avast as it's a sod for doing it to unsigned tools, I use a lot of open source and unsigned freeware so avast loves to put that silly check on what does no good.

    I will push a update in a few days with the first run delay on, mean time to get it to work delete core.sys from the documents and from "WINDOWS-DRIVE:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games\Eco"

    This will get the tool to recreate them and should fix the problem.

  • Rexzooly updated [plain]EcoConnect[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain] Tweaker Update[/plain]

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  • That reply made my day lol epic, I have always used anime images online this and a few others use online are created with anime avata makers here and there :) and I try and work hard with my tools, 90% of all my tools get forgot about but I do try and I try and take what people ask me in to account :) but thanks for the message.

  • All out tests are now scanned with both VirusTotal, and Metadefender, We always used VT with a if all known AV's pass it we are fine, but the AV's it supports keep changing in the last few days and the same file now flagging a different AV but not the ones we new it did for false returns we opted to use another also, if there is another online scanner tool you like me to test it before release please comment I test them out see how good they hold out, my tool is tested with all the known AV's and passes with shinny colours so we are happy there but we still do these report checks to make sure our own units are giving back false returns.

    I am also adding a self cart, We will have all Demo/Alpha/Test versions with just DonkuFX and all Released versions with DonkuFXUK

    Demo builds will mostly also will have the letter n at the end of it, this stands for Not Ready For Use, but someone could still release it and edit it, so if you have downloaded it else where what's not here our my discord, then you will need to check it, this cart can still be spoofed but kiddy hackers and modders wont bother, so it's something to check.

    The self signed is still creating a problem with the unknown publisher error, so I will just create a how two on how to mark it safe.

  • Check this url about self signed apps,…g-an-identity-server-clie

    Have a look on MSDN for guidelines on how to get your app marked as safe by anti virus software and by windows defender.

    It's not classed as unsafe just unknown, and even with self carts we had problems in the past, I will give this a good read tho, see if we can work something out but I just going to create a page showing how to stop the message for the few users that reply on defender it's the only one creating problems, the SmartScreen thing. There are many ways around it, in the past I had open source and freeware carts what only lasted a year but they was free and useful, but sadly they cost money now, and I can't seem to find a freeware one anyway anymore, and the project at the moment is not open source, and the cheaper carts now for open are not usable as the end user would need to install ther cart's aurth cart before my cart would even work.

    Thanks for the link tho, I will give that a read over some coffee, but what I am reading in windows ten does not like self signed carts so will still flag a unknown warning, what is fine, long as I document it so users can see it.

  • I would like to thank everyone whom has downloaded this tool, over 50 downloads is epic, I never would of thought this would of happened, I thought it would get 3 or 4 per version but you proven me wrong, I am not playing the game right now and unless eco make a big change the tool should work fine for people, i open to ideas and requests but for now I placed updates on hold, as I one that will brake it if I change stuff lol

  • The changes to the server list and play eco file what makes no bloody sense means the launcher on version 7.4.X means it's now dead, sorry guys I don't have the time or will to go back and edit it BUT there server listing is little better so the need is not large anymore, I will look in to more tools in the future

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