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  • This is our law to protect the Farmer.
    It only allows you to harvest fruits and others if you are able to Cook.
    If you play on a higher difficulty server you have to think about what you are skilling. And you give Farmers a value,

    This law allows you to Claim Property within the first play hour for free, after 1H you have to pay tax

    This law protects the Hunters. Only they are avaiable to hunt the larger animals

    You will get a small amout of Money if you cut the Tree Debris

    Stops the crreation of Garbage (reduces it because its soooooo expensive)

    You can only Buy/Sell Items in our Adminshop (Region has to be marked as Adminshop) if you are under 100€. Thats to stop grinding and giving too much money in the ecosystem

    This law protects the Adminshop as you are only avaiable to buy/sell items there if you played less then 10 Hours on the Server. After that you have to trade with other People. Makes the Adminshop only interesting for new players!

    This law stops creating pollution on everything else than your Property

    If you have questions about the laws, feel free to ask me. A link to my twitch stream is avaiable in my profile :)

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