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    • Improved the horizontal overflow behavior of the Contract window, preventing the text in the header column from being squished until it overflows vertically everywhere.
    • Fixed an issue where some contract clauses had way too much vertical whitespace.
    • For LAN and local servers, connect directly by ip address, rather than connecting through the master server. This prevents connection issues when the master server is down.
    • When attempting to connect via the master server, timeout and return to the main menu if the master server does not respond.
    • Fixed client-side lag due to unnecessary property texture updates
    • Fixed Combustion Generators polluting forever when the power grid demand was 0, which was making some servers flood (flooding can produce a lot of client-side lag when your map is open on large servers)
    • Combustion Generators now consume fuel at a constant rate.
    • Power grids only enable combustion generators one at a time as energy demand increases.
    • Power grids with insufficient power now disable the most recently added objects instead of disabling everything.
    • Reduced sea level rising performance impact
    • Reduced client-side lag related to frequently changing pipe outputs
    • Minimap icons load faster on big servers
    • Player names are now always visible
    • Improved map update performance
    • Fixed a performance issue related to opening the chat log
    • Decreased lag due to opening the chat log by having it load 1 message per frame instead of all in 1 frame.

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