Adding custom Tag to a new item - Missing icon problem

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  • Hey Eco Community,

    I have a question about the tag System in Eco.
    I've set up a new item within my mod (Eco v. 10.0.3).
    This item is shown in the game correctly as an item (with an icon in my inventory) and also as a world object when it's placed. Everything works fine.

    Now I've added a tag above this "...item" class: [Tag("Low Level Furniture")]
    This tag is not implemented by Eco itself (like "Raw Food", "Housing", ...).
    That's why I would like to create my own.

    Ingame the tag is shown up correctly. My item is now listed within this new tag list and I can manipulate it or add it in recipes, etc.
    I've tried to set up an icon for this tag as the existing ones/icons.
    It doesn't work as expected and it's not an "...item" / "...object" prefab in Unity.

    Is there a guide/helpfile or can someone help me with what I've to do?
    I just would like to have an image for my created tag category in Unity so that it shows properly in the game without the "missing icon" picture on my tag list.

    (Here you can see that my "Low Level Furniture" tag has no icon (it's the missing icon image)).

  • Dennis March 8, 2024 at 2:03 AM

    Approved the thread.

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