Oceanic Community Event - Lost Civilisation

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  • Name: Horizons | Oceanic Community Event | Lost Civilizations
    Cycle: 1
    Location: OCE-Australia
    Language: English
    Description: Where will you decide to lay down roots after the last thousand years in the bunker? Will you decide to stay behind and rebuild the lands your forefathers once called home? Will you do away with the old and start fresh in the wilderness, a new frontier, a land barely touched by few before the calamity and build new and solid foundations? Or will you go it alone, a Nomad, only coming in to the townships for work and trade?

    Players of OCE and beyond, join ZSU, OzzyGaming and Horizons for this first of a kind multi-community event where each settlement will strive to save the world and create the ultimate town.
    Owner: Koda & Management
    Staff: Leadership, Managers, ECO Staff Team and the admin teams from Ozzygaming and ZSU
    Whitelist: No
    Current Day: Day 0
    Difficulty: High Collaboration
    Server address: horizons.gg:3000
    Event Discord: https://discord.gg/BDu2Bkx5E3
    Discord: discord.gg/horizons
    Collaborator: http://discord.gg/ozzygaming
    Collaberator: http://discord.gg/zsu
    Website: https://www.horizons.gg/

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