Why has it been almost 15 months since the last development log or post on YouTube? There hasn't been a single upload in 2021

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  • Due to internal company restructure we're currently not continuing the Development Logs on YouTube, we also currently do not have staff capable of doing that, to be honest.

    A little concerning.. Can you share anymore insight on this "company restructure" that has left resulted in "do not have staff capable of doing that" and/or is there going to be a public statement regarding it?

    Are there plans for any media creation for the game moving forward?

  • No, I cannot comment on that any further, nor will there be a public statement, but basically:

    We currently simply decided to stop marketing efforts in favour of expanding the company with developers in order to enhance the game and adding new developers in a company working full-remote with people over every single timezone simply takes a lot of organization efforts.

    There will still be developer blogs on Steam and other platforms once there is new stuff ready to be announced, but for now there won't be streams or videos.

    Keep in mind we're an indie company and those streams and videos were made by employees that had just some basic personal skills to do them (and back then we still had an office, before going full-remote), there never has been a dedicated person for that, actually and it never was a priority either. They were made as long as someone happened to be able to do it. Our budgeting is extremely limited and hence decisions have to be made on what it is expended on regularly. We just don't think it's time for marketing at this point.

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