Disconnection, Sound and Voice Issues

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  • Basically first I love the game so much!

    I know it is in beta phase but it is best to help finding issues and share them with community and developers to help fixing it.

    1. Disconnections

    Sometimes if I have ping spikes the game client says that I have been disconnected from server. Mostly I dont realize that until I drive in the great void or can't interact with my truck. To solve this issue I need toclose the game twhat is very annoying if it appears up to 3 times per hours.

    It should be possible to integrate a reconnecting service which reconnects to the server if the client lost connection. So there is no need to close the game each time it appears.

    2. Voice issues

    After a while about some hours of playing mysteriously I am no longer able to communicate using my headset. Also this can only be solved while close the game and start it again.

    3. Sound issues

    Sometimes after I got Disconnection issue the game starts without sounds. In that case there is also only one option...restart game...

    I hope you are able to fix this kind of issues in the next patch ^^


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