New server veteran players to help and already have an in game currency DAY 1!

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  • After a very successful play through we are getting in gear to launch Eco's Eternal Budding Economy. We are on Season 3 and we want you to join us!

    *Sever launches April 23 at 6:00 P.M. EST


    *0.25x World multiplier- This allows for a better play and the ability to actually have a house and food bonuses go towards something. This gives professions like advanced cooking, farming, more in demand. Especially those professions that make furniture. Also, the new tailoring update that has just happened has also made the tailoring profession more in demand.

    *Big shovel mod- Simple yet effective

    *Long duration play- After the meteor goes down we will continue to build, create and support an awesome city and community

    *Preset Government, laws, And Currency- This creates a great starting point for the server and makes it easy for new players to quickly hop on and make money doing jobs for the government.

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