N3Gaming is starting Season 4 soon!

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  • N3Gaming is starting Season 4 soon!

    Server Name - N3 Gaming Cycle 4 - HighCollab Slow Progress

    Join us on Discord for the next launch and server details.

    (I shall return and post the final IP launched)

    Discord - https://discord.gg/Nb9pkdQWhu

    High Collab, Slow paced server, modded. 90 days.

    Meteor active.

    Server Owner: Locke

    World size: 1.96km²

    World Difficulty: Intermediate World Objective: To build a simulated society.

    Cycle: 4Current Day: 1

    2 Districts - 2 separate sets of laws, titles, elections, taxes, governmentship. Each district has their own discord role and channel, for easy offline discussion and planning.

    Government controlled Research of new skills- to help control the speed of the server evolution. Sometimes with district incentives for researching the new skill first, or global rewards for helping contribute to the new research.

    Season 4 brings new mods, new ideas and a fresh start.

    Mods S4 will launch with -

    Big Shovel Discord Link

    Coloured Vehicles

    Beekeeping Elixr Mods - Framework and Decorative

    Disassembly Mod

    Global Currency - The Global Currency is the N3G. Nobody but admins can mint the Global Currency, however the Mint and Creating currency is still available for other currencies should the player choose.

    Currency Distribution - Daily payment, as well as an online hourly payment.

    Skills - Skills are set to very high collaboration, and slow progress. Expect your second skill on average in 2 days and it gets longer from there. Skilling up levels in skills is also slower to promote more time for building a community.

    Fun, Mature community looking for new players, whether you are fresh to the game or an experienced eco-fanatic.

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