[EU] TserWorld: Third Times the Charm - High Collab - QoL Mods

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  • Name: [EU] TserWorld: Third Times the Charm - High Collab - QoL Mods

    Start: 20:00 CET, 26th of March

    Location: Finland

    Language: English

    Description: Starter government and currency, high collaboration, locked progression with time, lowest price for crafted goods, mature and relaxed community.

    Mods: DiscordLink, Party Mod, Big Shovel

    World Size: 2 km²

    Difficulty: High Collaboration, 34 days meteor

    IP: / tsermatt.ddns.net:3000

    Web Interface: / tsermatt.ddns.net:3001

    Discord: discord.gg/pYY7D4eY

    You can find more information about the server at https://bit.ly/3w0MEYq

    We're starting our third run of TserWorld tonight at 20:00 CET.

    Our community goal is to do something a bit different each time, and this time we are trying out locked progression and lowest price for crafted goods. This means that we made up a tiered system for all specialisations and they will be unlocked as time goes by. Also all crafted items have a predefined lowest price they can be bought or sold for.

    We're also going for a more active government, with an interactive city.

    Most of the current players are not super experienced with the game so if you feel that this might be a bit to much, feel free to join our discord or hop on the server and ask us questions about it.

    See you around!

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