[EU] TserWorld: Second Coming / 18:00CET 26 February / Modded / Beginner Friendly / Medium Collab / Currency and Election on day 1

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  • After a two week test I'm ready to present the first full run of TserWorld. We're starting with government building and bank already in place.

    First election of the parliament starts when server goes live.

    Further information about the server can be found at: https://bit.ly/2P7HHMt

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Guidelines (if any of the guidelines feel iffy, then this server isn't for you)

    • The server consists mainly of people that are 18+, so most of them play this game for fun and relaxation.
    • This game is a co-operative game, so please keep that in mind before you think it’s only you who’s going to win it.
    • If you feel that people are always out to get you, or you’re always out to get people, then maybe you should look elsewhere.
    • If you notice discrepancies in a store, rather than exploit the owner, tell them something is afoot.
    • The law system isn’t perfect, please be mindful of that and don’t exploit it. Descriptions will be added to laws to show their intention, they are supposed to explain the law if the game logic fails.
    • If you're disappointed about how the government is run, then run for government, not yell at the government.
    • There will be a restricted area in the capital city, which the government gets control of when elected.
    • Please keep floating buildings and stockpiles out of the game. Try to keep buildings structurally sound.

    Name: [EU] TserWorld: Second Coming

    Start: 18:00 CET, 26th of February

    Location: Finland

    Language: English

    Description: Starter government and currency, medium collaboration, mature and relaxed community.

    Mods: Beekeeping Mod, DiscordLink, Party Mod

    World Size: 2 km²

    Difficulty: Medium Collaboration, 30 days meteor

    IP: / tsermatt.ddns.net:3000

    Web Interface: / tsermatt.ddns.net:3001

    Discord: https://discord.gg/2kVSYVHh

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