The Collective Server - basic world with 75 day meteor

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  • Just putting my little server on here ...

    Its a basic vanilla-ish world with a 75 day meteor , its in progress now and we have a very small core of active players plus friendly admins.

    Search "The Collective" ...

    Server Name: The Collective Server

    Server Location: Hull, UK

    Brief Description: Just a no stress, relaxed server for you to unwind and gather with like minded people to you know , have fun

    Server Staff: Radamere, SpacedNConfuzed, Makky, Jimzu

    Password Protected?: No



    World Size: 3.24km²

    World Difficulty: Medium Collaboration

    Meteor Days - 75

    World Objective: To build a great looking world, make friends and get rid of that pesky meteor !

    Hope to see you in game !

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