[EU] Midgard Community | 9.1 - Season 1 - Beginner Friendly - Meteor Enabled

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  • Welcome to Midgard Community

    Server Location: Netherlands [EU]

    Server Languages: English

    Server Description:

    Midgard Community has arrived to Eco!

    We are a warm, friendly and wholesome gaming community and server provider.

    We started this server a few days ago and have had an explosion of members, raging from 25-35+ Daily players and 150+ citizens.

    We want to provide a fun and warm gaming experience on our servers. We do not tolerate any toxicity or harassment.

    This is a beginner friendly server and we are looking to learn and have fun together with you all!

    Last server wipe at (2021-01-14)


    Server Owner: BabyPicklesTV

    Server Staff: Full staff list can be found on our discord!

    Whitelist: No


    World Size: 0,52 km² (Will be expand with the Seasons)

    World Difficulty: Medium Collaboration > High on Season 2

    EXP rates: 1x

    Season 2 start: TBD

    World Objective: Have fun, find new friends, be creative and let's pewpew some space rocks!

    Discord: discord.gg/midgard

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