Easily Accessible Modding Language

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  • Summary:

    The main structure to my idea is to incorporate a modding API that can be accessed by many different simpler languages other than C#.

    For example, I used to play a game called San Andreas Multiplayer (GTA SA:MP for any of you who know.), they incorporated a modding API extension for the PAWN language and allowed all of the community to create many different variety of servers with vast control over everything that was possible, although this was achieved through reverse engineering of the game I believe that this would make the community flourish and you would have a big variety of different servers.

    Another example would be lua script, but in my opinion it's more difficult to learn for the average person.

    With the advent of a new modding language dedicated to the game it would also do the game some good to be on the steam workshop as well, also further propagating the community to look into the modding scene.

    While I don't deem it completely necessary that this be done in haste as there is already currently modding supported in the game however finicky it may be.

    The Idea:

    • A dedicated modding API for the game that can interface with either one or more simpler IDE's such as PAWN or LUA to allow the 'average joe' to interface with the game in a different way.
    • Integrate the steam workshop with the game to allow easy installation and access to user made mods.

    The Pros:

    • Diverse range of servers that differ from each other based on personal preference of the person running it.
    • Different gameplay types or even gamemodes that are user made via scripting
    • No more generic

    The Cons:

    • Some servers may or may not fit the theme of the game due to the changes they have made based on their preference (ie new models, features, etc that do not fit the theme of the game)
    • Toxic Marketplace of Script Selling

    During my time playing SA:MP you had people that would work tirelessly on their scripts for their servers only to have them leaked and sold for money left right and centre, obviously this isn't a huge deal but the black market dealing of scripts was a real thing and was a big problem with self developed servers, unfortunately the developers didn't help with the reverse engineering of scripts so you would have to take your own countermeasures by creating a for loop searching a never ending array of contents so that a reader would never make it to the end of your script.


    Basically, ECO, is a wonderful game that I've sunk many hours into but the thing that makes me scream the most about the game is that there aren't many user made mods and I can sort of see why that's the case, however fun the vanilla game is, like any other game it will get boring and repetitive so in my opinion this would value the community. I believe that so much that I had to create an account to spread this gospel according to Mark.


  • Dennis January 5, 2021 at 7:46 AM

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