Game freezes when trying to load into a world

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  • Game crashes after character creation on every world. I have reinstalled and restarted my computer multiple times. I monitored the game's resource usage in my task manager and it seems to be an issue with ram usage.

    I just bought the game today and have not been able to play it yet. I looked in the appdata/locallow for the crash log and there are no crash logs in the eco folder.

    My specs are:

    AMD Ryzen 3 2300x Quad-Core

    AMD Radeon RX570

    16 GB of DDR4 Ram

  • Dennis

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  • There is a very rare, known unity bug that causes this behaviour on specific configurations. Unfortunately this can only be fixed with a stable update of our engine unity. I'd suggest to refund the game if you cannot wait until we get such an update and can roll it out. I cannot really give an ETA on when Unity fixes this, it might be ready for our January Update or later.

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