Play without internet?

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  • I haven't played in a while, is there anyway to play without internet yet? I liked the game, but the only time I have to play is when I'm on my break at work and I don't have access to the internet there.

  • Dennis November 2, 2020 at 8:43 AM

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  • well, that sucks. I wish the game had been listed as being "Online only" instead of saying it had "Local Single player", but if they had stated the game was online only I would not have purchased it, that's the Idea behind not stating that I guess.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • And I didn't say anything about it having DRM, I have a lot of SP/MP games that use DRM and most don't need internet to play SP, the ones that do, only require you to sign in every 15 - 30 days to verify your game and they tell you that upfront. If the game CAN'T be played offline, then it should state that it must have an internet connection to play single player, and not stating that implies that it is like almost every other game, Single player = No internet required. Not stating that it needs internet even to play SP is a cheap and low down trick to sell copies to people who would otherwise not purchase the game.

    I don't really want to argue about it, the game isn't bad, I just don't like being mislead about what I'm buying.

  • I know the manager replied, but have you tried to host a server on your local computer and join that? You may be able to get past internet required as Steam does have an offline mode.

  • That won't work as when you put Steam in offline mode, you need to login to your SLG account in Eco, which requires an SLG account and an internet connection.

    That's unfortunate. I have no issues cause I only play connect, but that will limit your player base. Look at how the Xbox One launch went. Requiring internet to play single player games is heavily frowned upon. My guess you're doing this for DRM purposes, but how much sales do you lose because of this? It's not like you can actually stop pirates, they always will crack it eventually.

    What happens when I'm playing on my local server and the internet goes out? Does it kick me off? Do I lose any saved data?

  • that's my point it doesn't protect the game. A quick search pulls up plenty of places I can find cracks to play eco offline. All this does is force people who want to play without a connection to do so illegitimately force people who don't want to do that to not buy your game at all and do nothing to stop people from pirating the game. This was all something the industry learned at the start of the last decade. And why most now just require an occasional connection to verify the copies.

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