Anyone else find the Government and Contract system just way to overly complicated?

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  • I decided I would start doing government stuff on my server, get a Governor position set up, add demographics create constitution etc. but this whole system is just way too complicated, I shouldn't have to spend hours reading on how to do certain things in this government system.

    trying to create any sort of law passed taxing people for basics, mining, hunting etc. its just beyond any sort of laws that were created on my server are just copies of people putting up example laws on the discord. I mean there has to be an easier way, or just a way to add a set up basic government type thing.

    I am trying to get people on my server to participate in the whole Gov. thing but everyone wants nothing to do with it as soon as they open the damn menu. There shouldn't have to be in the first place but is there a tutorial on how to use these systems? if its in the game i've missed it.

    Also why can I not access or delete previous laws, positions etc that I have made? I created a Governor position but deleted it instead of revising it and now I cannot create another Governor title because it already exists? but I deleted it? what? where the f is it? these types of things plaque the whole gov system

    and it just makes no sense.

    Also the contract system like wtf? why is everything so complicated? why cant you give me a tool to choose block a,b,c etc. or just outline and area say dig all this out to this depth? or build a road exactly here and highlight the blocks where you want the road to be put.

    Considering this was originally supposed to be for educators and students etc. I feel like if a school were to try and add this as a curriculum you would seriously need an "eco expert".

    If i'm just being a complete idiot and have missed the tutorial or documents explaining how to use this stuff please point me in the right direction because I would love to use this stuff but it far far far from intuitive.

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