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  • hi looking to change skid steer slots amount of and amount each slot holds, ie 80 atm, any help here would be greatly appreciated, spent hrs looking but found nothing, i know it has been done.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\Objects

    you will then open up SkidSteerObject.cs

    scroll down till you see "this.GetComponent<VehicleToolComponent>().Initialize(5, 2400000, new DirtItem()"

    Adjust the first number I.E. the 5 to 80 for 80 slots.

    I believe there are 2 ways to control the amount of each resource it will hold, one is adjusting the stack size which is what I use

    second is dont quote me on it but I think you adjust "100, 200, 0, VehicleUtilities.GetInventoryRestriction(this), toolOnMount:true);"

    one of them numbers haha youll have to experiment yourself if you want it to only adjust stack sizes in the vehicle.

    Make sure you make a back up of the file before messing around with it just in case something goes wrong.

    Edit was to adjust wrong info about which to change

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  • I think i can help with that.. I might be totally wrong here but it seems like that VehicleUtilities.cs controls those things.

    Try this:
    (Make a backup on the file before editing and saving so you can revert and go back)

    In your server folder go to -> Mods -> Objects and open/edit file "VehicleUtilities.cs"

    In that file you have these rows:

    The Skidsteer is using the same map as the excavator so you need to change the 3 numbers in the excavatorMap variable.

    Let me know how it went :)

  • if you can't find where is the code to midify the wheight that the skid steer can carry, modify the weight of the blocks (all blocks 'sandstone,granite...', and dirt/clay/sand/crushed) in :

    D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\__core__\AutoGen\Block

    Change i.e 6000 (original) to 6 (modified), now your skid steer can carry thousands :)

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