Recruiting Players for High-RP Server - {AGCS} New World Order

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've had the idea of creating a high-RP server, and Kye and the good folks at the Australian Gaming Community have gone ahead and set one up named {AGCS} New World Order, at

    The purpose of this ultra-high collaboration, meteor-enabled server will be to encourage players to act in their own selfish best interests, and to manipulate other players by whatever means necessary to achieve their goals. There will be greed, corruption, bribery, and fraud. Multiple nations, political factions, corporations and economic systems will emerge and battle for dominance. Will you see the bigger picture and fight against an oppressive system for the good of the many? Or will your desire for ever-increasing wealth and power doom us all?

    Right now, a casual round is taking place on the server while we recruit more players interested in this style of game. Ideally we'd like to arrange a start time with a good number of players online simultaneously, to ensure an interesting start to the game.

    I'm hoping we can turn this into a large and diverse community, and that we share some interesting games worth talking about. If we can get enough people taking part, I've got some ideas for building a website to provide some extra community resources.

    Comment here if this sounds like something you'd be interested in. You can also join us on the AGCS Discord. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Good luck ;)

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