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  • Hi all,

    I couldn't find an introductions thread for new players, so I thought I'd make one. Comment here with some (non-private) info about yourself, how you found Eco, what you want to get from playing it, and anything else that feels relevant I guess! Maybe your favourite servers and a bit about them.

    I'll go first ;) I'm a player from Australia, have been following the development of Eco for a year or so and was very excited to finally buy a copy now that 0.9 is out. I love the whole concept of the game, I think it could be a great tool to learn about how complex systems like economies and governments emerge from basic societies, and to experiment with different forms of each to see the results. I hope to play some interesting games, and maybe do some write-ups on how they went.

    I've started playing on the AGCS servers, which have 3 to choose from: Casual, Standard and High-RP. The servers are hosted in Australia, but anyone is free to join so come say hi. :)

  • My name is Dennis, i'm from Germany and bought Eco the day it was released on Steam (but on the Website). I've been hosting servers for my clan only, one of them - nowadays called White Tiger - became very popular in 2018 and later that year i was hired to work for SLG as Community Manager :)

    Before playing Eco (and still) i had a private minecraft server with a custom modpack for my other communities where we tried to make Minecraft pretty much into what Eco is as game - so that's how i accidentally found Eco.

  • Hello Eveyrone,

    My name is Rafał, I'm from Poland, found Eco while watching one of the Let's Play series on YouTube.

    Found the game super appealing to me and to what I like to play and quickly started server for myself and a group of friends I usually play with.

    Ever since then we hosted a few worlds with different settings and now are back for the updated version 9.0 to check what is new.

    Outside of playing Eco, I also enjoy modding it, especially the server itself.

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  • Nice to meet you all!

    I'm the founder of the gaming community Aura Fury that runs Eco, Vintage Story, Ark, and Minecraft servers (along with other games the community throws at me lol). I have dev'd multiple mod packs for Minecraft that have been published on FTB and Curse/Twitch. Outside of games and the Aura Fury community I am a college professor that teaches in multiple subjects, but economics is by far my favorite. Look forward to seeing you all around and getting to know more of ya :)

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