How to edit stack sizes for items with and without a MaxStackSize and all 3 ramps Dirt/Stone/Asphalt

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  • So I just wanted to put this out there for people making stack size mods or simply adjusting stack sizes on your personal server. If you have an item that does not have [MaxStackSize(xxx)] you can add it to the item to create bigger stack sizes. I.E.


    you just have to edit the correct file

    This is what a normal PlantFiber.cs looks like:

    And what a modded PlantFiber.cs would look like:

    Some .cs files have two sections with this area

    One example being CornSeed.cs

  • I'm pretty sure you only need to add the max stack size under the first one but if that doesn't work try putting it under both which is what I have done.

  • Now for the ramps, You need to edit a file called Roads.cs Which can be found in this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eco Server\Mods\Items

    There are 3 sections you need to edit 1 for each type of ramp as seen below

    I'm not sure why i've never seen this in a stack size mod even for the latest 9.0 update but now you know how to do it yourself;)

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