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  • In 8.3 we were a pretty popular Eco server under the name of Spragglerock. We had 25 concurrent active players on at anytime hosting one of the largest maps available to run back then. We all decided to take a break then and not play Eco until 9.0 came out. After helping with the cw-playtest and ironing out bugs with the development team we got really motivated and excited again. We are a server that runs things a bit different. It's not me who makes all the rules it's the players. The server only lives and dies by the player's hand. I'm more focused on creating an environment in which you can come online into and meet regulars, new faces, and really good friends. Where you wont be just a number on a server listing. Somewhere you can grow and make life long friends and Eco is just our stepping stone.


    • Server Location: US, New York

    • Server Owner: Anchored

    • World Size: 4km² (400x400)

    • World Objective: Build a thriving planet with trade, industry, and agriculture. Meteor is in 75 days. Road network, big projects, and a lot of digging.

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