Struggling with authorization/deed issue

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  • Hi there Eco community, I am new. I am really enjoying the game and I think it's fantastic.

    I don't think I've ever posted in a forum in my life, but I made some queries both through google and by directly searching this forum and I was unable to find an answer to my question so here I am.

    I have a private server set up with three of us playing quite a bit. We are on version beta.

    We're mostly able to solve or work around issues we come across in the game. The one issue we can't figure out is how to get around authorization of certain property and how to make things "communal" for our server situation.

    Basically, each time someone packs up a wooden cart it switches ownership over to them and removes all authorizations previously set up, such that we are continually having to re-authorize in order to use communal carts.

    For example, say I craft a wooden cart. If I then pack it up into my inventory I automatically take ownership, and if I place it somewhere my friends cannot use it nor pack it up as I own the deed and I have not allowed consumer access.

    Now, I can allow them access to the cart and I can allow them access to the deed for the cart (two separate authorizations). This is fine, however if they then pack the cart up to their inventory it automatically switches the deed over from me to them. This to me seems like a bug, as I never gave up ownership, I merely authorized them access to the deed.

    The issue being, of course, that when they are finished with the cart and place it back down, now I can't use the cart and we're back to where we started.

    I have tried different combinations of deleting/authorizing the deed and authorizing the consumer features, but no matter what I try it fails as soon as someone packs the cart up into their inventory.

    The solution is probably easy and stupid I just haven't managed to figure it out! Or perhaps it is something planned to be improved for the next release.

    Thank you in advance,


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