How to block executing of events

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  • Add this method to your code:

    public static void AddActionPreventer<T>(PlayerActionManager<T> pPlayerActionManager, IActionPreventer<T> pActionPreventer) where T : IPlayerAction, new()
        FieldInfo fi = pPlayerActionManager.GetType().BaseType.GetField("actionPreventers", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance);
        IActionPreventer<T>[] actionPreventers = (IActionPreventer<T>[])fi.GetValue(pPlayerActionManager);
        var preventers = actionPreventers.ToList();
        fi.SetValue(pPlayerActionManager, preventers.ToArray());

    Call it like this to register your "Event Listener":

    AddActionPreventer(PlayerActions.Message, new MyMessagePreventer());

    Now you can create an ActionPreventer (A Factorty of IAtomicActions)

    public class MyMessagePreventer : IActionPreventer<MessageAction>
          public IAtomicAction CreateAtomicAction(MessageAction action)
              return new FailedAtomicAction(new LocString("Blocked!"));

    Because [ICODE]MessageAction[/ICODE] does not contain the real message, it's not possible to block messages based on the content.
    (With this way)

    Also it's possible to implement your own Action ;)

    Have fun :p

    Thanks to Kronox for help ;)

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