New Prefix Feature for Eco Versions

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  • Hello Community.

    Today, we've decided due to several requests in the last weeks, to add a new feature to the Resources Page.
    We've added a couple of sub-categories to keep the mods organized, and we also added a new way to highlight the game-version that your mod is compatible with. This post is all about the new way to highlight the game-version using prefixes.

    • [JUMPTO="whathaschanged"]What has changed?[/JUMPTO]
    • [JUMPTO="setprefix"]How to set a version-prefix?[/JUMPTO]
    • [JUMPTO="filterprefix"]How to filter version-prefixes?[/JUMPTO]
    • [JUMPTO="abandonedmods"]Abandoned Mods[/JUMPTO]
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    [JUMPTOGOAL="whathaschanged"]1. What has changed?[/JUMPTOGOAL]

    We've added the prefix feature to the resources to increase the user experience for everyone while searching mods for a specific version of Eco.
    Mod Developers will now be forced to select a prefix while adding and editing a resource. Everyone will then be able to filter the prefixes for their desired version.


    [JUMPTOGOAL="setprefix"]2. How to set a version-prefix?[/JUMPTOGOAL]

    It's as simple as it gets. While adding a resource, you'll have to choose a prefix next to the title of your mos. You can change the prefix at anytime using the Edit resource feature in the "More options" dropdown list.


    [JUMPTOGOAL="filterprefix"]3. How to filter version-prefixes?[/JUMPTOGOAL]

    While viewing the Resources page, you can open the filter-menu and choose a prefix to search for a specific version of Eco.


    [JUMPTOGOAL="abandonedmods"]4. Abandoned Mods[/JUMPTOGOAL]

    If a mod developer doesn't update their mod and it's been two versions since the last update, the mod might receive the "Abandonded" prefix.
    You can remove it once your mod has been updated. But if your mod hasn't been updated in a long time, but is still compatible with never versions of Eco, just assign the correct version-prefix to it and you're good to go.


    I hope this increases the user-experience on our website.
    Let me know what you think about it.

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