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  • My wish is for Pixelmon to come to eco.

    If you’ve played Minecraft, you might have heard about Pixelmon or Pixelmon reforged. It’s said that the best Pokémon game I ever played wasn’t even made by Nintendo, but by fans.

    I know this is a tall order, this not just adjusting or adding a few lines of code or a new texture. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s even possible. But every time I’m in Eco, I just can’t help but to expect to see a Charmander toddling through a forest or a Pidgey landing on my roof or a Muk spawning in some heavily polluted area. Some things make me think that implementing a pixelmon-like mod might be easier in Eco than it was in Minecraft, with the biomes and structure of the world etc. Perhaps there’s even way to extract the models from the pixelmon mod and port them over (I have no idea, just thinking out loud).

    Another thing, was that pixelmon’s models are little too smooth for Minecraft, where everything is extremely blocky, they seem to fit more with Eco’s aesthetic than with Minecraft these days. Unfortunately, I lack the knowledge or skills required to even start a project like this, but I hope that some modeler/coder who shares this desire, might see this and give it a shot. Or maybe there’s enough other players who also share this wish, that we could contact the pixelmon discord for help? It would definitely make for an interesting server mod and something besides the normal objectives on servers.

  • Hi Everybody,
    Im Party Domi and i play Eco for a pretty long time now and i like to Mine BUT there is something what i miss or wish to have in the Game. Im talking about a Drillingmachine. The Excavator is good and nice but its...........it dont work good enough for me and i dont wanna dig a big hole in the ground so wish there would be a real Driller whats automaticlly load everything on a near stockpile or truck like a conveyor belt what is on it like the real wants and not like the Excavator with an own Storage.
    For better idea what im talking about got a pic from them in. That would be really cool and make everything easier and faster.
    Thanks for your attention.

  • I would love a lightweight mod that allows to unlearn or "reset (to 0 and remove perks)" skills.
    It is sad that the only method to switch perks is to delete the player and restart from scratch =/

  • * Layout enhancements for the webserver
    [INDENT]* Make the graph a separate page, right now you cant read the full names of the values on the left side[/INDENT]
    * Law engine
    [INDENT]* The setup of a new law is very complex. I tried to set up a law to protect a species when a minimum quantity is left, and I failed. I understand you want to give all the possibilities but the handling overwhelms normal players.[/INDENT]

  • I would love to see a horse mod that allows the rider a saddle bag for a small amount of storage for on the go gathering for early game farmers and then the ability for the horse to pull a cart that would be balanced to not over shadow the steam truck.

  • Earthen building materials! Stuff like Thatch, Cob, Wattle and Daub, Mud Bricks, etc.

    It would also be nice to have much more realistic block types for building with, like wood/steel beams that can be used to make the framework of a structure, then wall and roof blocks that surround or fill those. Think how houses use several wooden beams to make a framework and then cover those either side with different internal and external materials, such as brick externally and drywall internally. Also, how medieval buildings used wooden beams with wattle & daub in between to fill the walls.

    The early-game is so lacking in terms of construction materials and techniques so these would be awesome to help spice it up and make towns look and feel much nicer.

  • I'm not sure if this is doable with mods but... some kind of way to link your character to a stockpile so it will automatically refill whatever you are carrying. So for example if I am building a big wall, I can only place however many of the block i'm building with that I can hold before going back to the stockpile for more, which makes the new building tools very limited. I'd like to be able to build a 25x25 floor with a single click, automatically taking the needed blocks from nearby stockpiles/vehicles/etc. Or maybe a crane that acts like a pseudo character that can carry much much more in a single stack in its "hands"

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