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  • Hi all,
    I was following the game since a long time ago and never really played before lastweek. Now that I irremediably felt in love with it I've some questions about the community/modding and support. I hope some of you will bring me some answers and I apologize by advance if some of my questions have already been asked. (Also, bare with me for my English, it's not my native language :D )

    First, I was wondering about the Dev support for this games, from the verry little I've seen : Updates doesn't seems to be very frequent lastly (even if the game improved a lot since the last time I played, about 2 years ago). Is the game still actively developped, is it still the main project of SLG ? (what a neat studio name btw, I wonder if Hofstadter know about that)

    EDIT : I've just finished to read the blogposts from John about version 9...I'm sold anyway, that's genius, I really hope the community will follow and grow big enough to explore the full potential of what is comming. It really could allow us to redefine our "real" societies Oo

    That brings on the second question, which is heavily linked : Is the community of this game as little and inactive as it seems ? I mean, there is a lot of people making beautiful things but I can't stop myself to notice that there is sooooooo few people compared with how already great and promising this game is. I just don't understand why there is so few players and modders, did I missed something ? Is there better hubs for the community (I mean with more people and more active) than this forum that I've missed ? (perhaps a discord channel ?)

    To finish, a more technical question about "modding" (kind of). I'm a bit doubtfull of some aspects of the vanilla world generator (both on the result and the performance sides). I've noticed that some people made some modded wordgen tool back in 2018 (like Lara's wordgenerator). Is there new (2020) tools or support of this tools ? If not, why it have been abandoned ?

    Thanks for reading me and for taking the time to clear my mind of all these questions

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  • This is a small indie game, we unfortunately do not have thousands of active players (yet). We do have a discord: http://discord.gg/eco

    Yep, I was just surprised because I think the game deserve much more active players. I've just finished to watch all the devlogs on the youtube channel and I really feel you're building something both revolutionnary (in depth of gameplay) and verry meaningfull (with the integration of educationnal and scientific approach and the reflexion it can bring to all of us concerning our Society and our rapport to the world). I'm a bit sad that there is not more people seeing it with my eyes. But I guess it's just a lack of marketing and I agree it's not the time for that yet.
    Anyway, thank's for the discord link, that was exactly what I was looking for :)

    (For my last question about world generator, I've seen that it will be updated with 9.0 so I will wait until then before starting to try to make my own :D )
    So thrilled to be a part of this community !

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