Question about future game features

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  • Hello
    I find the idea of this great game but really very ambitious !!
    the work done so far is truly incredible.
    Only, I would like to know to what extent the game can simulate our earth as well as our society.
    I would like for example to know if there will be confrontation between possible player? If there can be war? Weapons? What about nuclear bombs?

    At the animal level. Will we be able to reproduce? Can we milk the cows? Ride a horse? Collect chicken eggs, use donkeys to transport the goods finally this kind of thing.
    Will there be flying machines? (plane) as well as boats?
    There will be a real "weather" with rain that could cause a flood. (Imagine an empty basin that fills with rain)

    I would also like to know if the objects should deteriorate over time if we do not maintain them? For example, a wooden cabin abandoned for several years. Will it eventually collapse and be invaded?

    How far do you want to simulate our earth?

    Sorry to ask you all these questions, but this game seems very, very promising to me, which is why I am interested in it. I hope you tell us about future features that you will add in the future

  • Ah yes thank you very much !! I had not seen this page. This list is very interesting.
    But unfortunately, there are few things that I have mentioned.
    We are not talking about animal husbandry and the use of animal power.
    At the level of the confrontation with the players (weapons and war) is always an important point for the players to compete, don't you think?

    If we have a big planet, it would still be convenient to have airlines to travel, right? And then it is not a negligible pollution factor on our earth. So it wouldn't be bad to put planes in the game, right? Is also at the level of "weather", nobody talks about rain. I would like to know if this kind of thing is planned. Thank you

    To suggest or discuss new features. It is of course this forum or on the github page? Thank you

  • Animal Husbandry is a planned feature that is visible on the new roadmap that will be released with 9.0.
    War and Weapons will never be in Eco, so it's not listed anywhere. Eco is meant to be a education-compatible and peaceful game, which will not change.

    Flying, Trains and other very work intensive features with little return in the current state of the game would be considerable after leaving Early Access, but do not necessarily fit the game concept. While Trains are something we think about, flying mechanics would be too much, of little use and extremely work-intensive for that little use.

  • Thank you very much for your clear answer.
    It is true that trains and other vehicles are not essential at all and can wait for the final version. (do you also plan animal-drawn vehicles?)
    For the plane, I did not think of creating a very realistic system but just a big fast car which can move in Y and uses a lot of gas.
    The interest of the flight would allow to move quickly across the ocean. On the server which would have a very large planet. It could be used for example to go to friends who live far away or to harvest resources which are only very far away ...
    But I understand that it is not a priority at the moment.

    For the war, I understand. Your point of view.
    But let's admit that the resources on earth are limited and that there is only a small part of the player who benefits enormously and uses them as pollutants. While others try to use durable materials etc ... If no confrontation and possible, the planet will eventually die. And no one to save her.

    Finally good that it is for the war or the planes it will surely be possible to add them with mod?

    In terms of weather with rain, wind, thunderstorm etc ... do you plan to add it? Because it seems essential if we really want to simulate an ecosystem.
    And last little question.
    Will there be a feature that will allow objects to degrade over time if they are not maintained? (wood rot, recovery of the plant?)
    thank you so much

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