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  1. Kye

    8.3.X Elixr Mods - Tailings Resmelting V1

    This is a standalone version of the Tailings Re-smelting that is bundled with the Realistic Smelting, found in this pack here: Elixr Mods This does not require anything else to run it is a standalone pack, should you want to use this with Elixr-Mods without realistic smelting follow this...
  2. SweetChristmas

    8.3.X More Realistic Smelting 0.14

    This mod is aimed towards providing a more "realistic" process for smelting (while reducing the amount of Tailings that you accumulate). The Ore Washer will crush and wash the silicates (Tailings) out of your ore. You are then left with a washed ore (copper, iron, gold) that you can smelt at a...
  3. Gabeux

    Dirty Money v1.0

    Description: Simple addition of Dirt, Sand, Beans and Tailings to be used as currency backers, for fun reasons! Note that deleting Tailings via minting is cheaty and misses Eco core point. Edit \Items\Tailings.cs and delete line 107, "[Currency]", to prevent turning tailings into currency...
  4. Arashi

    8.0.X Arashi's Commands: Tailing Block Remover 1.1

    This command is a response to all the Eco players which are logging into random worlds for the sole purpose of destroying them. if a server is attacked by greifers then an admin can run the '/tailingsbegone #' with the # being the maxDepth integer. This command will clean all tailing blocks that...
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