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  1. Wise

    8.3.X WiseMods - EveryOneAuthFix 1.0.0

    Removes 'Everyone' from Auth component of specified world objects after server restart. Doesn't remove if 'Everyone' is the only record
  2. T

    MOD Problem with Server 8.2.1beta

    hello, i have a problem, when i will move mods from the 8.1.4 to the 8.2.1 server than i get a error log can anybody help me?
  3. chackl

    EcoServerLauncher BETA 0.1

    The EcoServerLauncher brings you some additional features for you Eco Server: Check if Eco Server is still running by checking the PID Check if Eco Server may hang by checking the web-api of the server Check internet connection by finding out your public IP address Check and handle Dynamic DNS...
  4. S

    8.0.X Spoffy's Rubble (and Debris) Removal 1.2.0

    Description Provides a new command that clears all rubble of a specified type from the world. Usage /ClearRubbleType [type] Valid types are: stone, copper, gold, coal, iron, fallentrees, wooddebris, basalt, gneiss, granite, limestone, sandstone, shale, and 'allstone' Installation Unzip the...
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