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server tools

  1. Kye

    8.3.X 8.2.X Elixr Mods V1.5.2

    Elixr Mods - Mega Mod Pack! This Modkit comes with so many features and items! Bundled With Realistic Smelting AND ClaysToolkit! Join Our discord for bug reports and suggestions, all the latest info in regards to our mods! Discord: https://discord.gg/jWzu8bZ This Modpack Consists for 3...
  2. N

    8.3.X NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements 1.8.12

    NidToolbox Server Tools current compatible Eco version 0.8.3+ (both Windows & Linux) This server plugin enables per command permissions, brings in moderators group, adds server wide announcements & pop-up messages, as well as set of commands useful in day-to-day server administration...
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